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Terms & Conditions

We then set out to estipulate our terms, conditions and privacy policy, demonstrating the seriousness with which we will handle your information. The use of the services of innoverit.com requires the acceptance from your part of the following terms and conditions:

Your responsibilities as a user

By creating your innoverit account you accept responsibility for this and the information used. This account should only contain personal information, such as: address, phone number and credit card. innoverit is not responsible for the information you enter on that account. Your account is totally personal and cannot be transferred to another user.

Your privacy in innoverit

innoverit will never share your information, your privacy is of great importance to us. Your email and cell number will be used only for communications related to our services, changes or specials. You are entirely entitled to cancel your account on our site at any time as long as there are no outstanding monetary debts. Your existing balance will be returned promptly.

Payment methods

Your payment must be made using a credit card, Debit card, prepaid card or PayPal account under your name. The contact information on this card should match the data in your account. Fraudulent transactions by users using information that does not belong to them will be reported to the authorities.

innoverit services

innoverit is a company that specializes in cellular recharge, nauta-wifi, SMS and international calls services. innoverit is the intermediary of these services, we will assume responsibility for transactions or services in innoverit whose errors are within our network. We are not responsible for the final connection of your call or for a failed recharge by the network operator in the destination country. As well as we are not responsible for cellphone recharge that contain errors in the number of the recipient, once the user of innoverit sends a recharge to the wrong number that amountscannot be recovered.

Our rights

innoverit reserves the right to cancel your account on our systems under any circumstances, whether or not related to theviolation of our terms and conditions. It is important to clarify that all terms herein may be changed at any time without notice.

Intellectual property

All information displayed on our site, including text, images, logos or others are explicit property of innoverit. This information cannot be replicated, edited or used for any purpose without our written permission.